Sugar Sunday – What do Raptors eat?

The Toronto Raptors basketball team won the NBA championship June 13th 2019. It was the first time to happen in their 24-year franchise history. All occasions call for an edible celebration which begs the question…what do raptors eat? Or rather what can be made that’s raptor themed? Usually something sweet such as cake in the shape of a basketball or a cookie or doughnut with an edible Raptors logo  printed on it. At a local patisserie they even made salted caramel and chocolate filled macarons with said logo on top! (Must check to see if they still have them…)

There’s always my go-to: filled chocolates. Luckily I had the foresight to purchase a dinosaur chocolate mould years ago so I dug it out to see if there was anything raptor like on it. There was a creature resembling a t-rex, a very pregnant one, so it would have to do. I filled it with my vegan rhubarb raspberry rose curd, similar in colour to the team’s official colour. (See featured image.)

I am inspired by this occasion to make my very first 3-D cake using my hemisphere cake pan but may just settle on decorating the crunchy vegan chocolate cake I made in my last vegan baking course.

Whether a new baking project, a monumental win or just the joy of indulging in some sugar, how sweet it is to celebrate victory with cake and chocolate.

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