Sugar Sunday, sweet as!

What’s cooking in Kimberley’s kitchen? Sweetened condensed coconut milk, my new obsession.

I had been making caramel every December for several years using sweetened condensed cow’s milk because that’s what the recipe calls for. In the last year I found out there is such a thing as sweetened condensed coconut milk! I made my caramel recipe using this along with coconut butter and it turned out brilliantly though quite ‘coconuty’.

Recently I have been experimenting with other ways to use this product. It makes a great key lime pie filling and lemon curd. The raspberry curd wasn’t as great and the black tahini spread is tasty but not very spreadable. The thing with coconut is it gets very firm when cold and turns into a de-emulsified mush when kept at room temperature.

There is nothing like a readily available product on the market to inspire creativity in the kitchen and reimagined recipes. The experiments continue. Next up…Vietnamese coffee, dulce de coco leche and perhaps a Nova Scotian style donair sauce. Any other suggestions…?

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