Soup Soup Glorious Soup

There is a chill in the air which means winter is here. What better way to warm up and eat healthy than a hearty bowl of soup. This is something anyone can make easily and fast. Whether you open a can or make it from scratch you can unleash your creativity in a stock pot.

If making your own,

  • Take inspiration from world cuisine: an Indigenous inspired 3 sisters soup (beans, corn, squash); shades of Middle Eastern (tomato, eggplant, bell pepper); West African (peanuts/groundnuts, sweet potato, chili peppers)
  • Make your own stock by using vegetable off cuts. Add some dried herbs, miso or marmite/vegemite for extra flavour.
  • Vegetables about to go off but still edible? Simply make a soup out of them.
  • Barley and potatoes help lend creaminess to soups without the fat.

If using canned,

  • Check the label for sodium content. Often commercial soups have 20%+ sodium content. Depending on your health, a sodium content of 5% or less is ‘reasonable’.
  • Vegetarian/vegan? Check to see if an animal stock is used in that vegetable soup.
  • Throw in some fresh greens (spinach, kale, other) to up the serving of vegetables in your soup. Do the same with legumes for protein.

Forgo crackers in your soup and top with croutons, roasted chickpeas or toasted nuts.

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