Meatless Monday – Canada Day 2019

Black bean beet burgers on bannock. Say that 3 times fast! There’s nothing like a holiday to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen plus the downtime a holiday weekend affords one to do so.  This year I went savoury and made beet black bean burgers served on bannock for Canada Day. I served them … More Meatless Monday – Canada Day 2019

Canada 150 – Culinary tour, eh

tarte au sucre pie, tarte au sucre pie if I don’t get some I think I’m gonna die ~adapted from Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee~ As mentioned previously, Canadian cuisine is varied depending on region, season cultural influence. It makes use of both local and imported ingredients and many Canadians will have a memory and/or experience … More Canada 150 – Culinary tour, eh

Meatless Monday – Canada 150: Pemmican principles

I remember learning about pemmican in grade school. It’s what I can only describe as a cross between beef jerky and an energy bar. Naturally I had to investigate a meat-free version to share for Meatless Monday. Pemmican is a portable and concentrated form of food energy created and used by Indigenous people in North America. … More Meatless Monday – Canada 150: Pemmican principles