Meatless Monday – An Ethiopian shepherd’s pie

Legend has it that an Ethiopian goat shepherd named Kaldi noticed his goats became ‘spirited’ after eating some red berries. These berries belonged to a particular evergreen shrub, the coffee plant. There is no coffee involved in my meatless ‘mashup’ for shepherd’s pie but it does have an Ethiopian connection. Ethiopian berbere spice mix (a … More Meatless Monday – An Ethiopian shepherd’s pie

The Tale of Ethiopia and the bland vegetables

This is the kind of thing I fear when eating out-whether travelling abroad or staying near home: vegetarian vegetable victimization. I was subjected to oversalted overcooked vegetables prepared without imagination at the Wendogenet resort in southern Ethiopia. I was hungry and captive at an isolated resort without any other dining option. My power bar wasn’t … More The Tale of Ethiopia and the bland vegetables

Meatless Monday – Say wot?

Call it a mashup, call it a fusion or just call it Ethiopian inspired shepherds pie. With a cupboard full of lentils, sprouting spuds and some Ethiopian Berbere spice well past its use-by date, the idea of combining all these came to me. I decided to make over an English classic: shepherds pie. Typically made … More Meatless Monday – Say wot?