Chocolate Adventures du Jour

Laura Slack’s back! Chocolate skull filled with caramel and black garlic.

I found myself on a work contract last year where I was walking distance to Soma Chocolate 2 days a week! It was chocolate every day for me: tumbled hazelnuts baked into Nutella cookies; tumbled ginger baked into ginger cookies, and spicy mayan hot chocolate mix. I wanted to perform an experiment to see what effect, besides to my waistline, having chocolate every week would do. Apparently it’s benefitting my cholesterol level, memory and risk of heart disease and stroke.

Here I am a year later still having my weekly fix of chocolate. This time around it’s all manner of fair-trade chocolate from Divine.

Stress, weather and just plain desire are some of the more personally compelling reasons to indulge in chocolate. Check out the following links for recommended chocolate shops around the world. And remember to research which brands use fair-trade cocoa products.



Chocolate Sample

This week I managed to have a few chocolate days instead of just one. What can I say? It’s cold outside. This week Camino chocolate gets special mention.

Camino is a Canadian-based company that deals in fairly traded chocolate, sugar and coffee. They have a snack pack of dark chocolate bites (55% cacao) that are a small and guilt-free way to indulge in the “food of the gods“.

Do you know about the controversy surrounding chocolate production? Read more from the following post from our sister site Weal World Travel: