Bread & Chocolate: India

January 10th: National Bittersweet Chocolate Day The India I visited is not a walkers’ paradise. The streets of Delhi are extremely polluted, crowded and holds the possibility of being accosted by one of the capital’s many professional beggars. Despite that, I managed to walk a little and find some chocolate. This is, or rather was, … More Bread & Chocolate: India

Meatless Monday in Rajasthan – Oh My Dahling

Happy New Year everyone! After a holiday hiatus I’m back, having just freshly returned a few hours before writing this post! This month’s instalments of Meatless Monday posts will feature foods found in Rajasthan, one of India’s provinces. dahl = lentil dish Anyone travelling to this southeastern nation who follows a meatless diet will be delighted to … More Meatless Monday in Rajasthan – Oh My Dahling

Meatless Monday – Alchemy to the Rescue!

My own brand of recipe alchemy intervenes in Cuban cuisine. This Meatless Monday post makes over some signature Cuban food into a healthier vegetarian/vegan version. cucurucho – a dessert made with nuts, fruit, coconut and honey. Described as ambrosia-like this dessert can be quite cloying and the addition of honey renders it non-vegan. The make-over? … More Meatless Monday – Alchemy to the Rescue!