Veganuary 2020

Happy New Year, 2020! And so another Veganuary is upon us. Not only is the month of November dedicated to vegans, now January is as well. Soon this could be year-round. Well for vegans, it already is. As has been stated many times, veganism is more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle characterized by … More Veganuary 2020

March grain: Quinoa

The Whole Grains Council has designated quinoa as the grain of the month for March. In 2013 it was the international year of quinoa. Whole Grains Council – Quinoa Quinoa certainly earns its title as a super food. Though eaten like a grain it is actually a seed related to Swiss chard, beets and spinach. … More March grain: Quinoa

Meatless Monday – Time to patty!

It’s February and Black History Month. This year I’m sharing some of my favourite recipes from the African diaspora. I hope you are inspired to give them a try. Jamaican patties were food of my childhood growing up in Toronto. Even today, some mainstream grocery stores and post-secondary institutuions’ cafeterias sell these sunshine yellow half-moon … More Meatless Monday – Time to patty!