Slow eating

For those with busy lifestyles, eating on the run and convenience foods seem to be the solution. The opposite should actually be practiced. The challenge is in learning to slow down.  ⚠ Eating slowly enables complete digestion, meal enjoyment and satiety. The parasympathetic part of the nervous system is characterized as the ‘rest and digest’ phase. … More Slow eating

Safety first

The first thing I did after I got home from my food safety course was rearrange the food in my fridge. Today I took a course in basic sanitation with TrainCan Inc. ®. This is a company that undertakes training and certification programs in food safety in Canada for those in foodservice/hospitality and retail/grocery businesses. Here … More Safety first

Snack Attack

Picture this: you are out and about when the afternoon blood sugar dip kicks in. You crave something to eat but haven’t got a healthy snack with you. You need something to tide you over until dinner time and your options are the plethora of energy bars currently available on the market. Often, these bars … More Snack Attack