Meatless Monday – Do you Christmas?

Do you celebrate, recognize or enjoy Christmas? In the lands largely touched by Christianity (and some unexpected regions too as evidenced through my December travels) Christmas seems to be truly global in its various manifestations. Whether it’s a snowy cold holiday in the Northern Hemisphere, a bbq beach affair in the Southern Hemisphere or festively … More Meatless Monday – Do you Christmas?

Meatless Monday – Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

A plethora of pumpkin and squash. When life gives you pumpkin, make soup. From left going counter-clockwise, honey nut squash, butternut squash and Jamaican pumpkin. Gourds are a hallmark of autumn cuisine and Thanksgiving meals. This year I cheated and bought most of my holiday meal but I couldn’t resist buying any squash that took … More Meatless Monday – Happy Thanksgiving 2018!