Haste Makes Waste


Recently France passed a food waste law that bans supermarkets from throwing away unsold food.


The paradox of our time has some people going hungry while others with plenty needlessly waste edible food eg food from buffets and unsold produce and prepared food. The new law in France will require supermarkets to donate edible food to charities and inedible food to farmers for compost and/or animal feed.

What to do with leftovers?

  • Use leftover condiments to make a sauce or add to soups/stew for extra flavour. Ketchup and mustard go with just about anything. And how do you retrieve the last remaining bits that cling to the sides and bottom of the bottle? Add water to container, put lid on tightly and shake bottle. Pour into the dish you are preparing.
  • Use up overripe fruit before it gets all green and fuzzy: add to cake/muffin batter; bake in a crumble; make quick cook jam.
  • With overripe vegetables: throw into soup or add to veggie burgers (especially if overripe and mushy); make soup stock; use as compost to grow more vegetables!

Check out the documentary Just Eat It A Food Waste Story

How do you use up your leftovers? 


The Ugly Christmas Food

Fruitcake. Just the name conjures up images of the dreaded gift that keeps on giving and either gets regifted or repurposed into a door stop. Like its distant cousin, the ugly Christmas sweater, fruitcake is often mocked, tolerated or just plain hidden away. Many cultures have a holiday version of this cake made with dried fruit, citrus and spices that is often drenched in spirits. Marzipan, almond paste, is sometimes used to top it all off.

Here’s a Weal Food suggestion that keeps the spirit of this tradition alive and makes it more palatable: fruitcake inspired granola.

Use citrus zest which is more subtle than candied peel and mix with your preferred assortment of dried fruit. A little bit of oil, liquid sweetener and perhaps some juice helps to bind these ingredients with the oats and the addition of nuts provides healthy fats and some protein. For that ‘marzipan’ touch, use slivered almonds. And to make this a gift worth giving, get some mason jars and fill them with this granola mix.

Are you one of the few people who actually likes fruitcake?

Quick Kitchen Fix

They were already in the oven and well on their way to being fully baked when I realized something.

I forgot to add sugar to the muffin batter!

Though I try to cut down on the amount of sugar I add to recipes, I still like a little sweetness. Muffins without any sugar is unthinkable! I waited until they came out of the oven and I Macgyvered a solution from knowledge of and experience with basbousa and baklava.

Both these sweet treats get baptized in a flood of sugar syrup after they come out of the oven. The warmth of being freshly baked allows the syrup to soak in and further sweeten these Mediterranean sweets.

Once my muffins came out of the oven, I poked them with a skewer and poured sugar syrup on top so that it would soak through the pinholes. Solution successful! Once cooled, I tasted them, and save for a bit of stickiness, they were delightful.

A sugar syrup can be made by boiling equal parts water and sugar until the mixture becomes homogenous. The mixture then simmers until ready to use. Use a ratio of 3:1 or 2:1 water to liquid sweetener for a satisfyingly sweet yet reduced-sugar syrup.