Haste Makes Waste

http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com Recently France passed a food waste law that bans supermarkets from throwing away unsold food. http://www.treehugger.com/green-food/france-passes-new-law-forbidding-food-waste.html The paradox of our time has some people going hungry while others with plenty needlessly waste edible food eg food from buffets and unsold produce and prepared food. The new law in France will require supermarkets to donate … More Haste Makes Waste

Quick Kitchen Fix

They were already in the oven and well on their way to being fully baked when I realized something. I forgot to add sugar to the muffin batter! Though I try to cut down on the amount of sugar I add to recipes, I still like a little sweetness. Muffins without any sugar is unthinkable! … More Quick Kitchen Fix