Soup Soup Glorious Soup

There is a chill in the air which means winter is here. What better way to warm up and eat healthy than a hearty bowl of soup. This is something anyone can make easily and fast. Whether you open a can or make it from scratch you can unleash your creativity in a stock pot. … More Soup Soup Glorious Soup

How camp

Tim Hortons® campaign is here and this year (2019) it’s on Wednesday June 5th. Camp Day donates some of the proceeds from coffee sales to “…helping disadvantaged kids achieve their potential.“ Oh the irony of pseudo-benevolent food giants McDonald’s, Tim Hortons® and Coca-Cola and Pepsi® amongst others. Actively and outwardly supporting charities and the community, … More How camp

Well, well, well…what took you so long

So the Canada Food Guide has a had makeover, some say a long overdue one. And this time it is an actual guide rather than a prescription like its predecessor. Previously the food guide was divided into four food groups (dairy/dairy products; meats and alternatives (i.e. tofu); fruits and vegetables; grains) with recommended daily servings … More Well, well, well…what took you so long