Meatless Monday – Bunner’s and the oven

Honourable mention goes to: Though expensive and with extremely sweet treats, Bunner’s makes gluten-free and vegan taste wonderful. Bunner’s is a bake shop with 2 locations in trending areas of Toronto: the Junction and Kensington Market. Though not originally catering exclusively to a gluten-free clientele, Bunner’s does just that now.┬áSee their website for a … More Meatless Monday – Bunner’s and the oven

Meatless Monday – Cashews and Coconuts

Another September and another vegetarian food festival done. This weekend saw the 30th edition of Toronto’s Annual Vegetarian Food Festival. It is considered the largest of its kind in North America and is put on by the TVA, Toronto Vegetarian Association. The festival is free and features talks, cooking demos, films, and the ubiquitous booths … More Meatless Monday – Cashews and Coconuts