The Battle of the Bagels

Montréal is known as a food town and bagels are a staple on any food tour. A couple of rival bagel shops in close proximity to one another advertised themselves as having “the best bagels in Montréal.” I was up for the taste challenge. A Montréal bagel is distinct for its chewy texture and slightly … More The Battle of the Bagels

Lively up your shelf! A well-travelled spice

Zingiber officinale Ginger is a spice (also, former spice girl and one of the shipwrecked on Gilligan’s island) that has made its way around the world. It is believed to have originated in India (or China according to some sources) and with trade and empire-building has travelled from the Orient to Greece then Rome and … More Lively up your shelf! A well-travelled spice