No crying over spilled milk

Why are some people so fanatically passionate about cooking as their life’s purpose? Food at its most basic is for everyone. Without it and air and water, we would not survive. Cooking is not to everyone’s taste but contrast staying in a cooking competition to experiencing poverty, malnutrition and/or hunger. For the former, being eliminated … More No crying over spilled milk

Meatless Monday – Happy 2016 Thanksgiving Canada!

“For the food we are about to receive, may we be truly thankful.” Once again Meatless Monday¬†and Thanksgiving collide. The modern-day cornucopia of treats and sanctioned gluttony are in stark contrast to the world of Montgomery’s Inn where I took a wood fired oven workshop this weekend. In the late 1800s and beyond, people ate … More Meatless Monday – Happy 2016 Thanksgiving Canada!