March grain: Quinoa

The Whole Grains Council has designated quinoa as the grain of the month for March. In 2013 it was the international year of quinoa. Whole Grains Council – Quinoa Quinoa certainly earns its title as a super food. Though eaten like a grain it is actually a seed related to Swiss chard, beets and spinach. … More March grain: Quinoa

Meatless Monday – Another favourite

Cornbread was my favourite thing on the menu at the Underground Railroad restaurant, a restaurant serving ‘Southern cusine’ which is no longer. It was named after the secret network of trails that helped a number of African-American people escape slavery in the US for freedom in Canada. We went a number of times to … More Meatless Monday – Another favourite

Meatless Monday – Teff love

For Black History Month this year I’m sharing some of my favourite recipes and food from the African diaspora. This week I’m giving a shout out to Bryant Terry and the teff biscuits in his book Afro Vegan. Bryant Terry is an award-winning chef, food activist and author who is African-American. I saw … More Meatless Monday – Teff love