Meatless Monday – Organic this Organic that

Besides produce, are there are any other organic food considerations for a meatless diet? Why yes!

Soy, beets and corn are often reported to be some of the most commonly genetically modified food and conventionally grown legumes and grains may also be subjected to dubious farming practices. Wine, potentially made with pesticide-rich grapes, and coffee could also be some items to add to the list.

Whether you are seeking out organic food or not, it is good practice to find out where your food comes from and how it was grown. Local markets and farmers markets are ideal places to go to get one step closer to the origins of your food.


It’s official!

September 16-24, 2017 is Organic Week in Canada.

For many people, the current cost of organic produce is prohibitive. If you can’t afford to buy organic everything, then there are some organic things that are worth the purchase. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s list of the ‘dirty dozen’, produce rife with pesticides.

Meatless Monday – It came and went

I was there. This past weekend, September 8-10, 2017, was the annual Veg Food Fest. I go every year and this was the first time I attended only one day. The usual suspects were there, local bakeries, animal rights groups and those promoting their latest vegan food wares, along with a host of presenters and some representative from the Toronto Vegetarian Association. But the whole buzz surrounding the current veganism ‘craze’ held little appeal for me.

It seems everyone and their dog, literally, were all about vegan food. Most of the products on offer were vegan pet food, vegan desserts, vegan meals, vegan purses, vegan products to make vegan dishes, etc. Even the word ‘butter’ from one of the vendors sent shivers down the spine of some vegan attendees. Perhaps the ‘veg’ in Veg Food Fest only refers to vegan? I thought the term was more inclusive of all vegetarian diets. If indeed a fad though, the enthusiasm for and popularity of a vegan diet should run its course.

While I will not go back to eating meat, my food focus seems to have evolved: plant-based and meatless cuisine using natural ingredients to create nutritious meals. Evidence and opinions supporting the benefits of a meatless diet abound so whether you attend a vegetarian food festival or not, subscribe to some persuasion of vegetarianism or swear by vegan cupcakes, going meatless on a regular basis goes beyond just being a trend.

Travelling and vegan? Check out this link for an accommodation list.