Meatless Monday – Food souvenirs

I finally had a mid-winter break! A return trip to Jamaica in February had me thinking of the food I enjoyed on my first visit here. With my renewed quest to declutter and an interest in regional food I decided that the only souvenirs I would get are food items. I shopped at grocery stores … More Meatless Monday – Food souvenirs

Meatless Monday – Don’t Quit-o yet

Is there an international dress code for vegetarians? Attired in what could be described as modern-day hippie wear (‘casual’), I saw a few of them at Govinda’s vegetarian restaurant in Quito, Ecuador. The Indian theme is another hallmark of veggies united worldwide. Quito certainly doesn’t seem like it would make the top ten veg-friendly cities … More Meatless Monday – Don’t Quit-o yet

Lively up your shelf! A well-travelled spice

Zingiber officinale Ginger is a spice (also, former spice girl and one of the shipwrecked on Gilligan’s island) that has made its way around the world. It is believed to have originated in India (or China according to some sources) and with trade and empire-building has travelled from the Orient to Greece then Rome and … More Lively up your shelf! A well-travelled spice