Kimberley’s domains
*Where healthy eating is the Bea’s Knees and indulgences are Sweet As

Kimberley’s Counsel
Aligning your eating habits with health goals through:

  • personalized nutrition consultation
  • menu planning
  • cupboard clean-out
  • grocery store visit
  • metabolic tracking
  • transitioning to a vegetarian/vegan diet

Kimberley’s Classroom
Hands-on and brains-on instruction in healthy eating and cooking. We highly recommend these classes be taken in conjunction with our fitness workshops.

  • healthy cooking tips
  • healthy eating tips
  • fitness and nutrition workshops (fitness-friendly recipes* and fitness coaching)
  • culinary nutrition guidance
  • recipe alchemy

*reduced sugar, natural ingredients, whole grains, balanced macro-nutrients

Kimberley’s Kitchen
Preparing meatless and soulful food that’s healthy, nutritious and sometimes whimsical. Food available through custom order and/or bakery club.
*Any food allergies/sensitivities will be taken into consideration; please advise.


  • The Bea’s Knees Bakery
    Sweet and savoury baked goods
  • Sweet As 20%
    Indulgences made ‘healthier’

Culinary Nutrition

  • Doughnuts & Donairs
    Classic Canadian comfort food made healthy and vegetarian/vegan-friendly
  • Everyday food alchemized into accessible and nutritious items.

Travel & Food



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