Meatless Monday – And the reveal…🇨🇦

And some Canadian food combinations from last week’s mystery box challenge. Maple syrup, red fife flour and pumpkins to make pumpkin pie Lentils and hemp seed veggie burgers on red fife flour buns Clean and steam fiddleheads then sautée in pan with some mustard seeds and cooked lentils. Use pumpkin and some apple to make … More Meatless Monday – And the reveal…🇨🇦

Meatless Monday – Canada 150: Pemmican principles

I remember learning about pemmican in grade school. It’s what I can only describe as a cross between beef jerky and an energy bar. Naturally I had to investigate a meat-free version to share for Meatless Monday. Pemmican is a portable and concentrated form of food energy created and used by Indigenous people in North America. … More Meatless Monday – Canada 150: Pemmican principles