Meatless Monday -‘Gno’ way!

Gnocchi three ways.

Gnocchi are potato or flour based dumplings boiled in water and served with sauce. They are found in Italian cooking. I find them really quick and easy to make and an ideal canvas for creativity. And of course, easily meat-free!

Here are just a few of the incarnations that I have tried. In each case, steam the vegetable portion and let cool slightly. Mash then set aside. Combine all the other ingredients then mix in the vegetable mash. Roll dough out on a slightly floured surface into a long strip. Cut off thumb-sized pieces then press each one down with the back of a fork. Cook in salted boiling water and let cook about five minutes. They will float to the top when done. Remove from water and add sauce. Serve immediately. Any leftover gnocchi bits should be stored in the fridge for one day or freezer for several days.

  • White potato: 1 organic Yukon gold potato; ¾ spelt flour; ¼ semolina flour; pinch of salt; 1 chia ‘egg’
  • Sweet potato: 1 sweet potato; ¾ cup spelt flour; ¼ cup semolina flour; pinch of salt; 1 flax ‘egg’
  • Butternut squash/pumpkin: ½ cup mashed squash; ¾ cup spelt flour; ¼ cup semolina flour

Sauce suggestions:

  • white potato: tomato sauce and fresh basil
  • sweet potato: a kale pesto sauce
  • butternut squash/pumpkin: a sage butter sauce

*For the chia and flax egg, mix 1 tablespoon of ground chia/flax seed and mix with 3 tablespoons of water. Let sit until it ‘gels’. Alternatively, you can use just a regular egg if you are vegetarian.

*You can use any type of gluten-based flour if you don’t have spelt.

*For extra binding action, you can also add a sprinkling of tapioca or corn starch.

*Additions to serve on top: complimentary veggies, legumes, nuts/seeds, cheese