Snack Attack

Picture this: you are out and about when the afternoon blood sugar dip kicks in. You crave something to eat but haven’t got a healthy snack with you. You need something to tide you over until dinner time and your options are the plethora of energy bars currently available on the market.

Often, these bars contain a high amount of sugar, fat and difficult to pronounce ingredients. You’re better off in some cases just eating a snickers bar and vitamin pill. To determine what a healthier choice might be, here are some tips on what to look for:

  • Calorie count for a snack should be around 200.
  • Sodium content per serving should not exceed 5%.
  • Look for a single digit sugar count. Unrefined sweeteners of 9 grams or less is ideal.
  • Fat sources should be mostly unsaturated and natural. Avoid trans fats.
  • Ingredient list should be short with easy to pronounce and recognizable items.
  • There should be some protein and fibre in the bar to help with satiety and blood sugar control.

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