Staying hydrated in winter

Besides hypothermia, dehydration can become a serious concern in the winter. It is often said in health articles that by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. In cold weather, you may not realize that you are not getting enough fluids. Here are some tips to help you stay easily hydrated in the winter.

  • Drink hot chocolate! Use a combination of water and milk (dairy or non-dairy) along with cocoa powder and some natural sweetener.
  • Have soup on a regular basis. Not only does it constitute a meal but it can also provide extra water (ie broth) that you may not get normally in other types of meals.
  • Drink hot tea. If you’re concerned that the caffeine content will have a diuretic effect thus contributing to dehydration, then drink an herbal infusion or a lemon, ginger and honey concoction.

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